About writing

Remember when this is the place for expression of feelings, ideas, thoughts and memories? 

Remember when the excitement to write out about a particular subject  makes you can’t wait to go home and open your laptop and let it all out? 

Remember that? 

This used to be the pages of a human being’s life. A teenager to be exact. 

It was fun. Liberating as if drawing on the living room’s wall when you’re 4 and no one was looking. 

But when life took a turn, I suddenly felt like my life is mundane. My life isn’t much of an adventure like everybody else’s. 

Something striking intrigued this boring person the other day. I watched the movie ‘The Book Thief’ again. I got attached with the movie until I decided to read the book which the movie is based upon.  In the book, the story unfolds around the point of view of the grim reaper where due to events of WW1, he became very occupied with his job. 

“In my job, I’m always seeing humans at their best, and their worst. I see their ugliness, and their beauty. And I wonder how the same thing can be both”

I realised that the two extremes is originated from allowing one-self with risks, hardships, diffculties to achieve one’s goal. The implications are as said. And also their decision to empower the beauty or ugliness within themselves I believe is one the factors. 

But what about playing safe? What about wanting to continously having  that surety? 

Even plants don’t stay the same forever. They either grow taller, produce yields or die. 

So, how about risk adverse and risk averse? 

Life obviously does not cater both worlds. 

However, life does get better for late bloomers. 

Is it? 

But still the idea of taking risks intimidate most people, if not, a group of people. 

Like it or not, to grow, is to make decisions that may have risks in it. 

Risks that are acceptable or logic to one-self. 

After all, this ‘life’ is not the destination. It’s like hoping on a train to reach to another eternal destination. 

I just have to make the best of this train ride. I might just sleep until the end of the journey, or making life in the train better or exciting and making preparations upon my arrival. 

And I forget this a lot. Even when I’m writing this. 

It’s been 123 days. 

Taking Risks are scary. 

Leaving your comfort zone is scary. 

Adventures are fun and educational at the same time. 

Maybe all I need is the force of an impatient person at a diving pool that will push you over when you’re extremely afraid to jump. 

And I know I have a lot of ‘but’s. 

But = Risk Averse


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